The Crew
Name : Laure
Born : 7th May 1982
Cup : blue and yellow
Occupation : engineer, consultant, any topic any country (based in Oslo according to a still-to-be-confirmed rumour)
Passions in life : discovering the world, why not on a sail boat ?
Sees herself in 10 years: towards a new eslewhere
Name : Camille
Born : 8th April 1982
Cup : blue and yellow too
Occupation : engineer in Oslo, specialist in managing projects more or less technical
Passions in life : sailing, why not to discover the world?
Sees herself in 10 years: by 7°30' N and 134°38' E if my calculations are correct
When leaving the Belon river to the high seas on July 20th 2011, we were sailing to the unknown, unconscious of what such a trip would have to offer. When sailing again along  the red beacon "la Médée" marking the entrance to Concarneau on July 20th 2012, our backstay wearing all the flags from all the countries visited during the trip, we are now sure of it: we will leave again.
Back to Concarneau, July 20th 2012

A snow-saltimbanque !! October 2012
Until the next big departure, we need to fill up the bank account, and make the most of our time onshore from both a personal and professional point of view. An opportunity arises and we promptly grab it: Norway here we come ! Let's kill two birds with one stone :o)

First in Bergen on the west coast: may be the most beautiful city in the world when the sun shines, that is a good 60 days a year in average !  We got actually very lucky and had 2 exceptionally dry years. It's a small change, from the tropics to scandinavian winters, and from free diving to cross-country skiing...
During all this time, Saltimbanque waits for us on a craddle, in Lorient (Brittany). Then as Laure lives most of the time in London where she still works, we decide to sail our floating friend to the south of England for a few years. Norway is far away and outside of European Union, so it's neither easy nor free to sail in there (for residents at least). We then share for a while our summer time between British cruises and kayak or hikes i Norway.
Alternative to sailing, not for the worst, Askøy summer 2014

Checking the Oslo channel during the winter 2016, we sail here quite often with Saltimbanque in the summer...
At the end of 2014, Camille changes job and has to move to Oslo. Good excuse for Laure to leave England for the capital city of Norway. Oslo is close to the Swedish border, member of the European Union this time. We see an opportunity to bring Saltimbanque closer to us. The Böhuslan coast is absolutely gorgious amd we enjoy it for the entire summer season. When winter comes, boats are sytematically lifted up onshore: the coast line is too exposed to winter storms and in the sheltered bays... water freezes... We then keep working on our winter skills, both in cross-country skiing and in... walking the sea-ice !!
Eventually in 2016 we go for it and cross the Norwegian border at sea. One more capital city for Saltimbanque who settles in Oslo. We now live at 15 minutes by bike from our boat ! Which is actually very convenient when it comes to maintenance... No more week-end spent in sanding and painting: we can take care of it after work during the week and enjoy our week-ends, on the skis in the winter and on the islands in the Oslo fjord in the summer.
A random Saturday evening in Oslo, September 2017
So we are not ready to leave again for good yet, but after 5 years spent onshore, it is time to find again the true meaning of life: going where the wind pushes us !