Web friends
Useful sites for navigation

Free numerical charts (yes we are not kidding):   http://www.gulesider.no
Online free charts for Norway, Sweden and Finland. Ideal for Smartphone or tablet with a GPS.

A great site for weather: http://www.passageweather.com
Wind, swell and pressure charts, perfect for any crossing.

Weather in Norway: http://www.yr.no
Wind and current for 24h. Mainly from a computer, the mobile app is a bit limited.

Weather in Sweden: http://smhi.se
Wind and current charts in Swedish waters. Heavy to download though.

Weather in Denmark: http://www.dmi.dk
Wind and current charts in Danish waters. 

Navigation warnings: http://www.sjofartsverket.se
List of all navigation warnings in the Baltic Sea, extremely useful to zigzag in between the military exercises...

Useful information for Estonia: https://www.visitestonia.com
A great deal of information on harbours and activities in Estonia.

A great map of western Estonia: https://www.westestonia.ee
Listing all marinas of the western archipelago, with links to websites. 

Infrastructures in Finland: http://www.visitsaaristo.net/en
Where to find a harbour, a supermarket or a coffee shop in Finland.

National parks in Finland: http://www.nationalparks.fi
Each park has a page dedicated to sailors, with useful information and a link to the "Destination Brochure" - a map showing the points of interests as well as harbours and anchorages.

List of harbours in Sweden: http://www.batsidan.com/hamn/
Short description of swedish harbours with visitor berths.

Sailing school les Glénans : http://www.glenans.asso.fr/
An internationally known sailing school, in beautiful places (choose Paimpol !!!)

Friend boats that we met during our trips

L'escale : http://www.lescale.me
This nice couple sails their superb Allures 45. Met in Riga.

Jingle (previously Traou-Mad) : http://catamaran-jingle.blogspot.com formerly spiritoftraoumad.blogspot.com
Sandrine and Eric, travelling for good on an Idylle 11,50 then a Fountaine Pajot 45. In French only.
Met in Porto Santo in 2011, and still sailing.

Maud and Jeremy travelled on a Brise de mer 31 and wrote a fantastic blog entirely sketched. They are about to leave again onboard their new Daru Cirrus. In French only, but drawings are international ;o)

Very first trip of Saltimbanque :
The first journey of our boat Saltimbanque, from Brittany to Brazil and back via the Antilles. 3 year trip  (2004 - 20017). In French only.

Party time with world sailor friends, Mindelo, December 2011.