Saltimbanque is for sale
“A Brise de Mer will last for ever!”
This is how the merits of these outstanding boats were praised when they were put on the market in the 70s and 80s. And it was about right! After 4 transatlantic crossings, nearly 30,000 nautical miles covered with us and undoubtedly as many with its previous owners, Saltimbanque is doing well and has only one desire: returning to the open seas where it expresses itself fully.
We sadly part with our traveling companion of the last 17 years as we have plans for very long voyages, in cold seas, and aspire to a little more space and comfort. But for a temperate or tropical Atlantic program, Saltimbanque is an extremely seaworthy, healthy, simple and reliable boat. Equipped modestly but sufficiently to offer very suitable comfort, it will take you far for a reasonable budget.

Small boat, small problems, and big trips. Here in the Tobago Cayes
Below a detailed description. The history of the boat since 2008 can be discovered on the pages of our site, and the blog of the previous owners: presents its conversion into a blue-water sailing boat and their journey from 2004 to 2007.
For more information, contact us: We will be in French Brittany from August 2024, it will be possible to sail until it is set dry, scheduled for around August 20.

General presentation
Saltimbanque is the Brise de Mer 28 No. 11, built in 1978 by the Le Guen-Hemidy shipyard.
AG4MC aluminium hull
Length over all: 8m55
Width: 2m90
Draft: 1m50
Light displacement: 2.8T (1T ballast)
Actual displacement under load: ~4T
Sloop rigging
Yanmar 1GM10 inboard motor from 2015
Number of berths: 6
French flagged

Saltimbanque here in Norway
Hull / structure :

Saltimbanque bottoms
AMG4 aluminum hull, 8mm thick keel, 5mm thick bottoms and sides, 4mm thick deck.
The hull under the waterline was covered with galvanic zinc protection paint (Inversalu) in 2005, itself covered with 3 layers of Inter-protect epoxy, before 2 coats of Trilux 33 antifouling (or equivalent).
Partial renovation of the hull carried out in 2014, the zinc layer was in excellent condition, and we only redid the epoxy layers.
2 fixed anodes on the keel, 2 mooring anodes, one propeller shaft anode.
The hull under the waterline shows no signs of corrosion.

The hull above the waterline is of bare aluminum, with a few bumps here and there.
The deck paint was redone in the fall of 2023. A few corrosion blisters under the paint need scratching from time to time (exactly like on the Ovnis).

Saltimbanque's deck
The freshwater tanks (100L on starboard, 60L on port) are of aluminum, welded but not integrated into the hull. They have suffered from corrosion in the past (classic problem, caused by chlorine in tap water), treated a first time before our era, then a second time by us in 2015 (sanding and epoxy painting). We added magnesium anodes in 2019 (a technique used by the famous Arzal Nautique shipyard on Ovnis) and the situation is now under control.
Rigging and sails:
Original Isomat mast, on deck, height a little under 10m.
Straight spreader bars changed in 2016, 6mm stainless steel cable standing rigging changed in 2022 (except forestay in 2016 and flying forestay in 2010)
Isomat boom from 2010
Original Isomat spinnaker pole.

Mainsail: 14m2, full-batten on roller trolleys, 3 reefing bands, Sanders sailmaker (Lymington), 2015
Emergency mainsail, recut from a second-hand sail in 2010.

Genoa: 30m2, mounted on Facnor SD 130 furler, Yucca Voiles sailmaker (Brest), 2003
Jib n°1: 17m2, clipping sail on flying forestay, one reef band, SoSails sailmaker (Lorient), 2022
Old Jib n°1: 15m2, clipping sail, dates from 1978 but so well cut and effective that we kept it just in case!
Jib n° 2: 8.5m2, clipping sail, one reef band, 2000
Storm jib: 3.5m2, 1978

Asymmetrical spinnaker: 55m2, originally equipped with a sleeve that we use with the symmetrical spinnaker. 1999
Symmetrical spinnaker: 70m2, 80s

Saltimbanque under full main sail and genoa

Saltimbanque under single reefed main sail and jib #1

Saltimbanque under double reefed main sail and jib #2

Saltimbanque under asymmetrical spinnaker

Saltimbanque under symmetrical spinnaker
2 Harken 32 double speed self-tailing cockpit winches from 2010, for sheets
2 roof winches: Lewmar 7 single speed (2015) and MG 16 double speed, for halyards
2 spinlock blockers on the roof, all the halyards return to the cockpit
Reefing at the foot of the mast: the reefing lines are doubled in the boom so you can reef by hand without a winch in a few seconds.
Flying forestay mounted on a strong hoist: simple, cheap and effective
Anchor systems:
Main anchor system: Brittany anchor 14kgs (new), 30m of Ø8 galvanized chain and 30m of 14mm mooring line
Main anchor system: Brittany anchor 10kgs (new), 20m of Ø8 galvanized chain and 20m of 14mm mooring line
Stern anchor system: flat anchor ~8kgs, 10m of Ø8 galvanized chain and 25m of strap on reel

Floating anchor
Motor :
Yanmar 1GM10 from 2015, installed by the Peter Leonard shipyard (Newhaven, UK)
Around 700 hours (we are traveling so this total changes every day!)
Current consumption: 0.5L / hour.
Carefully maintained by us.

Two-blade aluminum propeller on shaft.
R40L fixed tank plus several jerry cans on board

Sculling oar
U-ship brand 2m10 tender, approved for 4 people (2011)
Yamaha 2hp outboard motor from 2006.
Electrical Installation:
70W solar panel on the gantry
35A generator on the engine
220V charger
12V-220V 150W converter
3 x 50Ah batteries, 2 for utilities and 1 dedicated to the engine
Navigation :
Navik wind vane, numerous spare parts, our best friend...
Raymarine 2000+ tiller pilot from 2011
GPS Navman tracker 500 (2004)
Echosounder and speed log Navman 100 (2005)
Mer-Veille (radar detector) (2004)
Long wave radio receiver (2012)
Fixed VHF Uniden Solara DSC (2007)
Portable VHF Cobra HH350 (2022)
Compass Plastimo Contest 130 (2013)
Needle barometer (2008)

Large chart tables with great storage capacity for paper charts!

Saltimbanque's chart table
Safety :
Seago life raft for 4 people from 2020, overhauled in 2023. Valid until 2032.
Epirb 406MHz beacon, battery changed in 2021.
Survival container (grab bag) containing numerous safety equipment (flares, mirror, drogue, lampe, first aid kit etc.)
Horseshoe lifebuoy with light and 50m sling
Lifelines and strong point for clipping in the cockpit
3 fire extinguishers and a fire blanket
Facilities and comfort:
- large cockpit locker on the port side where the dinghy, sails, mooring lines, emergency parts etc. are kept
- anchor locker at the front
- bimini protecting the cockpit from the sun

- 2-burner gas cooker on gimbal
- sink
- fresh water tap by foot pump, through carbon filter
- sea water tap by foot pump
- numerous storage spaces for dishes, bottles, foam-insulated compartment

Onboard Satimbanque

8 people comfortably having diner in Saltimbanque's mess
Mess :
- large folding table that can accommodate up to 8 people
- 2 spaces for bottle storage in the table
- bookcase for large and small format books
- baskets and net for fruits and vegetables
- “catch-all” pocket
- plenty of storage under and behind the cushions
- compartment insulated by foam and against the hull serving as a fridge
- the port side bench transforms into a double berth
- heating with kerosene stored under the table

Aft cabin:
- single berth under the cockpit, certainly very comfortable when sailing but we used it more as storage space
- shelf storage
- the boat's legs are stored under the berth
The Heads:
- locker for oilies
- chemical toilets converted into dry toilets
- sink not connected to water
- more storage and shelves!

Forward cabin:
- double triangular berth (1m60 x 2m)
- numerous racks for clothes

Many accessories and maintenance parts.

The forward cabin
Asked price : 20 000 €