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We have departed!
12th May 2024 : Oslo-Dragsund (15M)
The Southerly breeze can still be felt on the small pontoon in Dragsund. It’s blowing less than nearly 20 knots we had in the afternoon, and which saw us practicing hoisting up the jib, reefing the main sail, and even reefing the jib… but still it’s not the flat calm we had when departing in the morning.

Laure passes the looong line from Helsinki through the eye of the aft mooring buoy, gives it to Camille who handles the slack and tries to stop a Saltimbanque pushed by the wind, then jumps to the front and attaches the bow of the boat to the pontoon. That’s good, our automatisms are coming back fast! We have arrived. Despite the nice blue sky, the air is still a bit chilly, we are early May in Norway after all. The front deck, right on the sun, is a better place that the windy cockpit for our welcome drink.

The southerly seabreeze can be rather strong in the Oslo fjord.

The amount of pollen in the water indicates how intense spring can be here...
And this is it, we have departed.

Oh we are not very far away, but we have left the comfort of our house, so beautiful in this explosive Norwegian spring, for the more eventful life at sea.

We will need a few days to be back to our sailors’ selves. Also to get some distance from the almighty “To Do List”, which has been ruling our lives since we have decided to leave jobs and home by the end of the year to focus on blue ocean sailing. We are basically swapping one intense life for another!
For now we cheer to our departure, our nice first leg sailing, and to all the preparation work that brought us here. But very soon new topics of discussions emerge, especially the most common of all: the weather forecast… On the menu these days: very little wind in the Oslo fjord and in the northern end of the Skagerrak, and force 6/7 (admittedly from the East) on the southern tip of Norway. The optimal strategy is not that simple… but this is a story that begins tomorrow!

Let the adventure begin...
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Kirstie & Neil: l’escale - 15/05/2024 19:54:48
Congratulations! You’ve slipped your lines and embarked on your latest epic adventure - we’re so going to enjoy following your progress…until we meet again…

Mum - 15/05/2024 09:20:24
Les fans du site sont présents et en attente ,nouveau voyage ,nouvelles émotions ...

Philippe - 15/05/2024 07:33:35
Vu la photo de Saltimbanque en pleine mer il semblerait que vous ayez un equipier supplémentaire ? Un drone !

Philippe ex AUMADATROI, à ce jour ETONELL - 14/05/2024 22:16:25
Quelle belle joie de vous retrouver en mer !
Du haut de mes 70 ans vous allez encore me faire rêver de ces belles escapades !
J’aurai plaisir à vous retrouver cet été du côté de la Bretagne Sud !!!
Bon vent, belle mer …

la mamou - 14/05/2024 20:28:46
Youpi, c'est reparti !
C'est vraiment bien de suivre votre progression sur la page de la route !


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