Our first sailing trips
English Cornwall, May 2008
First long navigation with Saltimbanque, first Channel crossing for Laure - we get used to a good a reliable boat, sometimes the engine gets quite leaky - in hilly landscapes and fish-and-chips smells.

Salcombe, our landing point.

A quiet mooring spot, very deep upstream the Fal river.

The Cornwall's coatline, close to Polruan.

350 nautical miles on the Channel, 2 countries visited.
Spain... and the Isle of Wight - August 2008
We left for 3 weeks, aiming to reach Galicia, but we never made it any further than the Crozon cape... we give up the tapas for our good old fish and chips, this time on the cliffs of the isle of Wight.

Ile Grande. It's beautiful but it's not Spain.

Poole's cliffs.

The mythic Needles lighthouse, our consolation !

750 Nautical Miles on the Channel, 2 countries visited.
Transit Brittany - Netherlands - July 2009
Discovering the coastline, from the pink rocks of Northern Brittany to the white cliffs, and then the endless beaches full of buildings in Belgium - before finally enterring the inner waters of Zeeland.

Alderney, superb...

Full speed with the wind!

Mosselen, frieten en Belgische bier ! Welcome in flams land!

480 Nautical Miles on the Channel and the North Sea, 3 countries visited.
The North Sea in "winter" - May 2010
Express crossing to Eastern England, through one of the busiest sea in the worlds - slalom between the cargo ships, beacons and windmill fields - temperature being between 2 and 7 degrees...

Meeting a cow (!!) along a channel in Zeeland.

A wind mill field under construction.

North Sea colors...

400 NM in the North Sea, 2 countries visited.
Holland in a camping car - July 2010.
While living in the Netherland, let's visit it coats line! We sail on the sea side, the Ijsselmeer, the Frise and the Zeeland, reading the tourist guide as well as the nautical charts.

A stop in the countryside in Edam, the city of the cheese.

Landing on Vlieland, 53°18N 5°01E the most Northern point we reached.

Flat calm and sun going down on Zierikzee.

470 NM in Hollande, 1 country visited (what's happening to us ??)