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Dear Readers, this page is yours! As much interactive as we can, depending on our coding skills, you'll find here all the practical details to be able to experience our adventure:

- Crewing offer : how to join and sail along for a while...
- First reactions : check out for people's first reactions when we announced our our plans!
- Saltimbanque's cousins : you have yourself - or you know another Brise de Mer 28? Contact us to complete our collection!
- All yours : please let us your comments, questions or anything you want to share!

Nice drink in Ploumanac'h - April 2009. Let's come and try our famous Ty-Punc'h!

Crewing offers :
Our way is not exactly planned in every details and we cannot give you yet the exact flight number to join us in the Grenadines islands! However you are very welcome to visit us and sail along for a while! (Warning: 3 free bunks are available at any time - that's the maximum!

So get your agenda, here is the rough schedule of our adventure:

- May 2011 - June 2011 : Stad aan het Haringvliet to Concarneau
- Beginning of July 2011 : a small good-bye party in Kersolff, by Camille's parents
- July 2011 : Spain (Galicia)
- August 2011 : Portugal
- September 2011 : Madeira
- October 2011 : Canaries
- November 2011 : Senegal /Cabo Verde
- December 2011 : Cabo Verde / Atlantic crossing
- January 2012 : French Guyane, Suriname, Tobago
- February 2012 : Grenadines, Dominique
- March 2012 : Martinique, Guadeloupe
- April 2012 : Saint-Martin, Virgin Islands
- May 2012: 2nd Atlantic crossing, Bermudas?
- June 2012 : Açores and sailing back to Europe
- July 2012 : Ireland, Scilly
- August 2012 : Back to Concarneau !

A first idea of the trail...
First reactions :
« We didn't tell you the news ? We're leaving in a few months to sail across the Atlantic! »
We proudly said this many times now - to our families, our friends and colleagues (and soon to our banks, insurance, tax collectors...) Every time we got a different reaction. Here are some of those spontaneous messages...

Ophélie: " Keep us regularly up to date, I'll be worried to death ! Take enough food, buoys, flares and everything you need, right?"
Valérie: "This must be difficult to get back to normal everyday life after such a year"
Stéphanie: "So at least a year... but you should take 2 and do the nice trip around South America!!"
Laure's mother: " Look there, the big 45 feet... here it is what you should be sailing on, at least it is big enough !"
Karine: " And your career ? These Bretons are all the same... stubborn ! But actually you are totally right..."
Christian: "Well, abandoning your career like this, you have to carefully think about it, it will be hard to find a job afterwards..."
Camille's mother: "You can't leave without these very nice plastic plates with Breton pictures on them! " "By the way, where can we book for the Canaria Islands?"
BP's HR: « Could you contact me ASAP to explain! » - (yes I must admit, the beans were spilled in a pretty uncontrolled way...)
Laure's colleague from the customs office: "What, you're leaving already? But you just arrived?"
Thibaut: "Ah great... euh, do you have a satellite phone? No? Take mine then!"
Fred: No reaction, he is already gone sailing somewhere on the Indian ocean...
Saltimbanque's previous owners : "That would be nice if this boat could leave again..."
Lieven: « That's crazy !! that's crazy... I mean, that's great ! But that's crazy »
Johanna: « Well you are crazy! And I would be too much of a chicken to actually sail on an ocean, but I am still super jealous! »
Dietrich: "That would be safer to take a gun with you. Do you know where the pirates are?"
Romain: "I'm still super jealous. You know, normally it's 5 weeks holidays a year, not 16 months !!"
Gianni: "Just seen your career plan, its the best career move I've EVER seen, and I mean that seriously."
Annelise & Olivier: "We know two completly mad girls! But well, you have been dreaming about it for such a while..."
Sylvain: "But... but... you're taking only ONE computer for the TWO of you onboard ??!!"
Saltimbanque's cousins:
Only 31 « Brise de mer 28 » have been built, the family is rather small. We have identified a few of them while sailing the sea and the Internet. Please contact us to help completing our collection!

What's up with these ones ?

EvaZion, that we visited in La Roche-Bernard in 2008.

Carrick, a Canadian from Quebec who went close to the Greenland's icebergs!

Brise de Mai, which sailed the Channel in the 80s...

What are their names and history ?

The one that we saw on the legs in the Moulin Blanc in 2008 ? For sale in Brest

Brise de Mer for sale in Morbihan

An other Brise de Mer for sale in Morbihan

For sale in Martinique !!
And also:
The Brise de Mer 28 in Trebeurden, pontoon D, whose we never took any photo
The Brise de Mer 28 Aurélia, from Martigues's sailing club, often seen in regatta results on the net.
The Brise de Mer 28 Austral, who left from the Gulf or Morbihan for a year in the ocean.
All yours!
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