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The final countdown...
-- 1st to 15th May 2011 --
1st to 6th May 2011 – life in boxes
Here we go, admin formalities are settled (at least we hope), goodbye drinks are at the order of the day. We had to hand back our profesionnal laptops and phones: no doubt is possible, the great Adventure is approaching! We stopped working on April 29th, now is time to put our life onshore on hold and activite the mode "maritime"...

First step: boxes! Our firt week of "holidays" is thus spent putting our lives in boxes and dealing the boxes wisely between the boat, and the (parental) storage places. And cleaning the flats. Our new home is beginning to feel like a home indeed...

7th to 14th May 2011 – on the road again
Once we have placed the (5%) useful belongings onboard, it's time to deal with the 95% remaining - everything that takes space (furniture), breaks (plates), is too important to be lost on the other side of the sea (paperwork), or is plainly useless (music instruments, plants etc...)

Uhmmm... and how does that travel a papyrus??...

... in a sleeping coach why not!!!
We become professional movers and drivers to go and place all that stuff under the careful supervision of our parents.

About 3500km in a week, including 2200 behind a wheel...
15th May 2011- departure day
We have dreamt about that day...
A last check of our flat with the landlord and the new tenants, and we don't have anything anymore holding us to the ground...
We had booked the services of private (and very personnal) drivers to take us to the boat. Last cup of coffee before setting sails...under a sky... rather dull...
So we opt for the inland waterways where we will be sheltered from the strong wind blowing on the North Sea.
You have to admit, after one month of full sushine and perfect northeastern wind, rain battered by a southwestern wind on our first runs... Murphy is coming with us!

But hey, we said we would leave today so... hop hop, here we go, let the Adventure begin!! :o)

On Saltimbanque we honour our guests!

Our boat will be leaving shortly, the persons accompanying voyagers are requested to leave the bord immediately.

Thanks to our drivers!

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Françoise & Bertrand - 21/05/2011 16:38:53
Sous les vents de Neptune et des dieux tibétains, vous pouvez enfin concrétiser vos rêves. Fichtre que c'est contagieux, votre enthousiasme !!! Bon séjour marin dans le swinging London...

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